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It is a very well built Pombaline building with a front facing south and the Tagus River. 
The apartment was in very poor condition, in a pre-ruin situation due to the misuse it had been subjected to over the years. The Room faced the main façade, which faces North and has its back to the view. 
It was decided to change the entire layout, moving the living room to the back, taking advantage of the view and subdividing the former space of the living room into a dining room and kitchen. 
From the entrance hall there is access to a corridor that leads to the private area of the house, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
The social part of the apartment is characterized by the fluidity of crossings, in which all spaces communicate and are connected by sliding doors in wood and glass. The interior passages were slightly corrected to allow “perfect” views to be threaded between the windows on the South Facade and those on the North Facade: from the kitchen to the living room, passing through the entrance hall and vice versa, and from the dining room to the living room. passing through the office and vice versa.
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