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This is a remodeling project on the 16th floor of tower 2 of Amoreiras in Lisbon for a law firm. 
Previously occupied by a software company, the space already had some divisions built but with a large area in open space. The program foresaw the creation of 6 offices for the partners, three meeting rooms, five smaller offices, a work area for eighteen people, a reception area, an archive area and a pantry area.
One of the concerns was to make use of all the elements that we found: a space that architecturally is a landmark of the eighties, open, with natural light and the vast view over the city and the river, which had a recent intervention that, although not served the new program, it was in perfect working order.
The strategy followed was to take advantage of the elements in good condition and the existing infrastructure to fit into the new layout. The large open-space was divided into 6 generous offices for members at the ends while the remaining central space was maintained, but divided into work areas for 4 people separated by 1.5 m high cabinets. 
One of the concerns was to take advantage of the natural light and the breathtaking view that you have from the work spaces, meeting rooms and circulation areas. 
The sober image was achieved with the contrast between the white color of the walls and ceilings and the black in the various carpentry elements. The design of the wooden and glass doors and divisions and some pieces of furniture, as well as the choice of lighting contributed to give unity and comfort to the space.
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