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The project aims to recover an apartment that had been transformed into an office, with the scars that this process entails:  kitchen completely changed, bathrooms used as pantry, deteriorated floors and broken ceilings.
The intervention philosophy was a temporary restoration, in which the kitchen and bathrooms are returned to their original locations and all the essential elements of the original apartment are recovered: doors and shutters, floors, chimney, moldings and worked ceilings. At the same time, it is foreseen the integration of more bathrooms that allow adequate functionality for the experience of a family. 
The entire original structure of the apartment is maintained, as well as the interior division of the compartments.
The materials used seek to be the most appropriate in a building of this period: recovery of the original wooden floor, kitchen cladding in lioz stone and bathrooms in hydraulic mosaic and 10x10 white tile on the walls.
The air conditioning is carefully integrated through a false ceiling (slightly lower) in the corridor, and linear grilles for the compartments.
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