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The Estoril area is rich in examples of palaces that, coming from different architectural languages, contain an enormous sense of monumentality. The formal solution of the Estoril Center of Excellence building is not alien to this context and is materialized in an autonomous volume in light pink concrete, with a strong and immediately recognizable image.
The building's volume is based on a square plan measuring 30x30m. and assumes a compact volume, with 3 floors above the ground and two floors below the entrance level. The 3 upper floors fill the base square of the solution, while the two lower floors overflow it and occupy a larger underground area. 

The main entrance to the building is through Floor 1, where the Access and General Support spaces are located (front-office, back-office, bar, cafeteria, dining room and multipurpose work areas) anchored in a central space with foot triple right.
From the entrance, you can directly access the 2nd Floor, where the Technical Application areas are located (Restaurant and Application Bar, Pedagogical Kitchens and Application Kitchen, oenology room, bakery, pastry shop and  technical auditoriums). It is intended to make the best use of the scenic views existing on this floor, to the public areas, emphasized by the large balcony next to the bar and restaurant.
It was chosen not to physically limit the different functions, which will allow not only flexibility in their daily use, but also that the space can be used together, taking advantage of floors 1 and 2 at the same time.
The Research and Technology Spaces (chemical R&D laboratories, food technology and microbiology, the technical auditoriums) are located on Floor 0, which can also be accessed directly from the entrance. At the base of the central area of the building, an informal amphitheater is proposed, which develops in the projection of the empty square with triple height and follows the slope of the connecting staircase between floors 0 and 1. 
On Floor 3, the last one, are located the workspaces for researchers, with 20 offices and a coworking area.
In the center of the building, the core of elevators and Sanitary Facilities runs through all floors.
Two groups of vertical accesses are foreseen: public (around the central space) and service for the exclusive use of staff and students, located in the northeast corner of the building.
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