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The implementation of the construction adapts to the legal conditions and the program provided by the client, which provided for a large living room with integrated kitchen and dining area, a master suite with generous areas and 3 bedrooms for sporadic use.
The proposal is divided into 3 distinct volumes, living room/kitchen, master suite and guest room area. The living room and suite are physically connected, but constitute separate volumes.
The site is located at the top closest to the rice field, to allow wide views over the landscape, but with a small setback in relation to the edge of the land to avoid the prevailing winds.
The pool is located next to the house, to take advantage of the freshness and views of the water.
The three buildings will have thatched roofs and whitewashed walls. The volume of the living room will be quite transparent to the landscape while the two volumes of bedrooms will be more enclosed in order to have more privacy. The 3 guest rooms are concentrated in a body separated from the rest of the house in order to make their use independent of the main house. In this volume, there is a mezzanine designed for a children's dormitory, with access through one of the bedrooms.
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