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The project foresees the construction of a Rural Hotel with 12 houses with a total of 104 beds distributed in 50 rooms and 2 suites. 
The property occupies an elevation with a long East/West configuration, on a gentle slope towards the sea. The topography is rugged, with several steep hills. The trees are dense with scattered clearings, notably the cork oak forests, which assume an ecological importance that must be protected and valued. 
The views from the property are beautiful, with the undulating terrain in the foreground, and the sea to the west and the Arrábida mountain range to the north, as a backdrop.
Located in a landscape of a markedly rural character, the project seeks to promote the ecological recovery of the property and its compatibility with the new uses related to tourism in rural areas.
Access is via a gravel road that connects all the accommodation units and allows car parking nearby. 
The houses are divided into 2 types, depending on the topography of the land on which they are located. The type A house develops on two floors, taking advantage of the steep slope, seeking to have a smaller presence in the landscape. The entrance is on the upper floor, in a rectangular shape measuring about 21m x 10m, where all the common areas are located: lounges, kitchen and dining area. The roof of this volume will be inclined, in tiles with a small terrace next to the entrance, and the walls plastered and painted with lime-based paint. It is on the lower floor where the 4 bedrooms are located. This floor will be covered with stone from the region, resembling a supporting wall. The living room will have a terrace, open to the slope and the view.
The type B house, takes advantage of the flat area in which it is located and develops on a single floor, in a quadrangular shape of about 20m x 20m. Functionally, it is divided into 2 separate areas, the social area and the bedroom area, but it can be visited in a circular way, around a central core of services. It has 5 bedrooms distributed along a corridor, and the kitchen and dining area integrated into the living room. The generous spans of the social area are protected from sunlight by means of ledges that cover the porches in one corner of the house. The rooms have smaller windows set back from the façade. The entire construction will be carried out in concrete colored in earth tones, in an approximation to the image of the adobe house in the region. The flat roof will be partially used as a terrace, but will be largely covered with native vegetation, which will not only allow for a milder temperature inside the house, but also a closer integration with the natural surroundings.
In Accommodation Unit No. 12 are the Common Areas of the Hotel such as the reception, area where meals, breakfast and bar services will be provided, common living areas, sanitary facilities, storage area, kitchen and the area intended for staff with a toilet and changing room.
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