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The Building of the Letters Faculty of the University of Lisbon, designed by the architect Porfírio Pardal Monteiro, is part of the set of three emblematic buildings that define the image of the University City Campus: the Rectory of the University of Lisbon and the two buildings that flank it , the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts. The layout of this set is marked by the axis of symmetry of the Alameda da Universidade,

The Faculty of Letters Building is itself classical in composition, with well-marked axes, a defined and regular structural compass, and spaces organized around cloister courtyards of rectangular proportions.
The New Building will be the natural expansion of the original. It is, in short, the juxtaposition of a new courtyard around which a square-shaped building is developed that houses the entire program, with a direct and level connection to the corridor of the west wing of the main building.

The volumetry and language of the new body communicate in a natural way with the original building by assuming a lateral and close position, accentuated by the continuity in the horizontal lines that mark the floors and by the free passage between the two.

The New Building of the Faculty of Letters is assumed, from the point of view of its implantation, as a square of 54 meters of side, which configures in its interior a patio of about 27 m. It is strictly aligned with the original building, both in terms of the proposed altimetric relationship (respecting the alignment of the platband) and in terms of the planimetric relationship (by following the alignment with the pre-existing building on the north façade). 
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