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The building from the end of the 19th century is located in downtown Porto and consists of a ground floor plus three floors, the last one set back. The original construction underwent changes over time with the construction of another floor and the expansion of the building to the interior of the lot. Thus, we have a building with a stone and wood structure next to the main facade and a reinforced concrete structure at the back. 
On the ground floor, the patio is occupied by a stone building with a gabled roof in tile. In the building, the ground floor is occupied by a drink establishment that faces the street and by a typography that has its access through the entrance of the building.
The basic principle of the intervention was the recovery of the entire building, keeping all the existing original elements but providing the dwellings with improvements in terms of their configuration, with the construction of new sanitary facilities and kitchens. On the ground floor, the demolition of some annexes is proposed, thus increasing the area of the patio and converting the typography space into another house.
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