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HOUSE IN GAIA.  GAIA  . 2018  . 91  m2 . - PRIVATE 
It is a project for the recovery of a small two-storey building, built in the sec. XIX located in a rural street, in Vila Nova de Gaia. The space on the ground floor, which had recently been occupied by a tavern, has a quadrangular free plan, and is marked by two primitive constructive elements: the chimney centered on the back wall, and two round wooden beams of large diameter, which support the beams on the upper floor and cross the entire space. The walls are in stone, irregular and with large cement joints. The upper floor was undivided with two large windows on the façade and the walls were also in stone.
The program was the adaptation of the entire building to a single-family house of T2 typology.
The strategy was to maintain the fully open space on the ground floor, with the integration of primitive constructive elements in the new living room/kitchen space.
On the upper floor, the space was divided in order to accommodate the two bedrooms in front of the two windows, and a bathroom was installed inside, which takes advantage of the space of the existing chimney for ventilation and infrastructure exit.
It was decided to paint the exposed stone walls and the wooden structural elements in white. The result was a significant increase in the brightness of all spaces.
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