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This project deals with the complete restoration of 3 adjacent buildings, on the western slope of Bairro Alto, on the corner of Rua Nova do Loureiro and Calçada do Tijolo. 
Two of these buildings form a cohesive building set, with twin facades, followed by a ridge and entrance via the Calçada do Tijolo. The other is a corner building with entrance from Rua Nova do Loureiro and is at a higher level.
The three buildings were vacant and in a very bad state of repair, with walls destroyed and the threat of ruin. The recovery strategy involves joining the two twin buildings into a housing unit, with 9 apartments and a single entrance. The two existing stairs are being demolished and a new shooting ladder is planned, centrally located. The ridge level is slightly raised to make use of the attics, which will be accessed through the fractions of the top floors, in duplex. On the back façade, a running balcony is proposed, which will be built in iron and glass, similar to the original “marquises” from the beginning of the century.
The corner building will also be fully recovered, but in this case the stairs and the left/right typology will remain. A new floor will be built, in mansard over the existing one, with a metallic structure and corrugated sheet covering. 
The structure of the 3 buildings will be maintained and reinforced, as well as the constructive elements: stonework, metalwork, doors and shutters. The objective will be the recognition of the primitive construction period, and in another layer, the identification of the restoration work, with a contemporary language.
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